After a gruelling full day of baseball, Leaside went into Saturday night facing a well rested and top ranked North Toronto A’s.  The Leafs were tired and were down 8-4 late with time running out.  The Leafs then summoned the energy, sent up 13 batters in the final inning scored 8 runs to win one for the ages.

Being the only team undefeated Sunday left Leaside some wiggle room.  Leaside was sluggish early Sunday and finally lost a game against North York’s best pitcher.  The Leafs now had to beat each of North Toronto and again North York to win it all.

And beat them they did, racking up a combined score of 20-3 in the process.  Stellar clutch pitching by Reuben, Daniel , Rowan and many more was key, as were many countless putout combos by our shortstop Dario and first baseman Daniel.  The defence was flawless all around, and the Leafs hitting lineup to to bottom was relentless and unstoppable.  Every single player made a few key defensive plays and hit the ball well.

In the end the Leafs 6-1 and were the only final four team without a bye.

So proud of all the work the coaches and players put in.  Congrats!