About the Leaside Baseball Association

The Mission of the Leaside Baseball Association is to provide an opportunity for players in Leaside and the surrounding community to develop their skills and passion for baseball by offering a wide spectrum of quality baseball instruction and programming.

Our History

It all began in February of 1946 when Phil Stein was appointed the Sports Director for the Town of Leaside.  Until that year only softball had been played elsewhere in Leaside.  Howard Talbot Park was being constructed for softball.  Mayor Talbot and the Leaside Town Council decided to form the Leaside Baseball Association.  Six Peewee and Bantam teams played that year with Phil Stein as President.

The first few games had to be played at Rolph Road School while the east field at Talbot Park was completed.  The west side of the park was essentially a bog then.

1952 saw the first games being played under floodlights on the Talbot Park west diamond for softball. The following year baseball games started there. Juvenile games began in 1953 and Junior games started in 1955.  The Leaside Leafs Seniors were established in 1968.

There is much of which to be proud. Over the years Leaside teams have won many Toronto and Ontario Championships. While other Junior leagues folded, the Greater Toronto Leaside Junior League continued to flourish and is today considered to be  one of the best in the province. Our association brought Senior baseball back to Toronto in 1968 and ever since the Leaside Leafs have been a consistently successful team.


Our Vision

To be a leader in fostering a skilled, passionate, and honourable local baseball community.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Character
  • Excellence
  • Community
  • Respect

The Objectives of the Leaside Baseball Association

Opportunity. To sustainably provide an opportunity for players in the community of Leaside and surrounding areas to have fun participating in a wide spectrum of baseball programs;

Skill Development. To provide our players and families exceptional value for their time and commitment to baseball through quality program development, coaching, instruction, resources, competition and experience;

Character Development.  To aid in the development of character and sportsmanship of our players and coaches;

Coaching Development. To recruit, develop and support high-quality coaches, instructors and officials;

Community Development.  To promote and improve community spirit in baseball within Leaside and the City of Toronto and to encourage a positive environment amongst families, supporters and spectators.

Organization.  To govern the Association in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner that ultimately prioritizes the development of our players, as both athletes and people.

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