2020 Rookieball Fall House League

8 and 9 Years Old | Born in 2011 and 2012 | Thursdays, September 3 to October 8 | 5:45PM to 7:15PM| Rolph Road Public School | $220


Program Overview


Girls and boys ages 8 and 9 with 2011 and 2012 birth years.  



The weekly sessions are held Thursday nights from September 3 to October 8 from 5:45PM to 7:15PM. The sessions are held at Rolph Road Elementary School. Please come to the east diamond off of Hannah Road.


Summary of Key Rules 

  • Players will be divided into 6 teams consisting of 5 players each. 
  • Three teams will be assigned to one diamond and rotate through (1) batting, (2) infield defense and (3) outfield defense. This will limit downtime associated with batting and ensure that players limit physical interaction with other players in an organized manner. 
  • Two Leaside Baseball Instructors will be allocated to each diamond. One to two parent volunteers will be assigned to each 5 player team.
  • There are no umpires. The game will be called by the Leaside Baseball Instructors.
  • There is no scoring and no wins or losses.
  • Every player will have at least 2 times at bat. 
  • Games generally follow the Rules of Baseball; there are no lead offs and no stolen bases and per inning mercy rules apply 
  • Players hit off of a mechanical pitching machine operated by their coaches and is set at 30-35mph to facilitate action and scoring.
  • Batter has 5 opportunities to hit quality pitches off of the machine. If they are unsuccessful after 5 attempts they are out, however the batter is not out on a foul ball.


Goals for Players this Age

Some players will have experience playing with the TBall and Coach Pitch programs, or at home with parents and siblings. Some will be familiar with the basics of the game, having watched the Blue Jays play. Others may never have held a bat or thrown a ball. Regardless of skill level, we like to see our players filled with a ton of enthusiasm.

We’ve worked with past Coaches and Instructors to develop a set of realistic goals based on the ages and abilities commonly seen in Rookieball:

  • Build a program that lets them associate baseball with friends and fun
  • Learn to encourage and celebrate one another
  • Learn the basic object and rules of the game
  • Learn some foundational skills and don’t develop any bad baseball habits, like the proper way to throw a ball and swing a bat, which direction to run, beginning to learn the fielding positions, and beginning to learn how to catch (and may be able to do so barehanded)


What Players Are To Bring

Please have your player(s) bring the following:

  • Comfortable athletic shorts or pants
  • Sneakers or cleats
  • Baseball glove
  • An athletic cup is required for this age group

Players may bring their own baseball bat and helmet. They do not need to share it.

Leaside Baseball provides:

  • Baseball hat
  • Baseball team jersey
  • All required baseball equipment including balls, bases, bats, helmets and catcher's gear.