2022 Coach Pitch Fall House League

2015 & 2016 Birth Years | Co-Ed | Tuesday Nights | 6:00PM to 7:30PM | August 30 to October 4 |

Location: Northlea E&MS $TBD


Program Overview


Girls and boys ages 6 and 7 with 2015 and 2016 birth years. We do not accept players that are currently on Rep or Select teams in Leaside or elsewhere in Toronto on spring or fall house league teams.  Players who have previously played Rep or Select baseball are eligible to play.



The weekly sessions are held Tuesday nights at Northlea E&MS (205 Rumsey Rd) from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, running from August 30th to October 4th.


Parent Volunteers

We need at least 1 parent volunteer per team. Those who sign up to be a parent coach/volunteer will have their child's friend request(s) prioritized.
Responsibilities for parent coach/volunteer include:
  • Attending each scheduled game (6 games total)
  • Assisting counsellors in warmup
  • Assist team upon batting rotation & outfield/infield rotation
  • Keeping up the good spirits!


Fall Ball 2022 Gameplay 

  • Teams will consist of 7 players and three teams are assigned to each diamond
  • All players will bat during their batting assignment, regardless of outs. The expectation is that each at-bat will go once through the order, however, the instructor may decide to go more than once through the order if there are fewer than 7 players or they go quickly through their at-bat.
  • Teams should alternate batting order – this is usually done by going (jersey number) 1 to 7 in order and then 7 to 1 in order.
  • Teams will be assigned to one of three starting assignments: Outfield Defense, Infield Defense and Batting and will rotate through these assignments in that order. The team batting will move to the Outfield Defense assignment once finished batting.
  • The defensive positions in the Outfield will be: Left Field, Left-Center Field, Centerfield, Right-Center Field and Right Field. These positions will be marked with a pylon.
  • The defensive positions in the Infield will be: Third Base, Shortstop, Second Base, First Base and Rover (next to the instructor pitching). There will be no catcher as there will not be enough time to suit up as teams rotate and players cannot share catching gear.


Goals for Players this Age

Some players will have experience playing with the LBA or at home with parents and siblings. Some will be familiar with the basics of the game, while others may never have held a bat or thrown a ball. Regardless of skill level, we like to see our players filled with a ton of enthusiasm.

We’ve worked with past Coaches and Instructors to develop a set of realistic goals based on the ages and abilities commonly seen in Coach Pitch:

  • Build a program that lets them associate baseball with friends and fun
  • Learn to encourage and celebrate one another
  • Learn the basic object and rules of the game
  • Learn some foundational skills and don’t develop any bad baseball habits, like the proper way to throw a ball and swing a bat, which direction to run, beginning to learn the fielding positions, and beginning to learn how to catch (and may be able to do so barehanded)


What Players Are To Bring

Please have your player(s) bring the following:

  • Comfortable athletic shorts or pants
  • Sneakers or cleats
  • Baseball glove

Players may bring their own baseball bat and helmet. They do not need to share it.

Leaside Baseball provides:

  • Baseball hat
  • Baseball team jersey
  • All required baseball equipment including balls, bases, bats, helmets and catcher's gear.