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T-Ball House League

T-BALL | Co-ed | 2014/2015 birth years | Mon nights, 6PM | Bessborough Public School | $230


T-BALL | Co-ed | 2014/2015 birth years | Mon nights, 6PM | Bessborough Public School | $230

House League registrations fill up quickly every year! Due to field permit and resource limitations, we will not be able to accommodate all interested families. As such, we recommend registering quickly after the registration window opens to ensure your child's spot!


CONVENOR | TBD (contact leasideleafsbaseball@gmail.com for questions)


A nine (9) week season running from April 29 to June 24th, inclusive. There are no rain or field availability make-up dates.


There is an approximately 30 minute practice session before each game on game days starting at 6PM. These will be facilitated by coaches and LBA facilitators and suggested practice plans will be provided by LBA in advance.  We recommend players arriving 10-15 minutes early to warm up.

Games start after the practice by mutual agreement of the coaches and run 45-60 minute long.


  • Teams consist of 10-11 players.
  • There is no scoring and no wins or losses.
  • Every player in the lineup will hit each inning.
  • After an entire lineup has batted the half-inning is over regardless of the number of outs.
  • Players will be hitting a soft, reduced velocity baseball off of a tee.
  • Batter has 5 opportunites to hit the ball off the tee. If they are unsuccessful after 5 attempts they may throw the ball into the field before running to first base.
  • Batter or runners may not advance more than one base on a hit unless the hit is the last batter in an inning.
  • Games are played on artificial turf.




This season we will only be accepting credit card payments.


The LBA shall provide hats, jerseys and pants for all players.  The LBA also provides all required baseball equipment including balls, bases, bats, helmets and catcher's gear. Players are to bring appropriate running shoes (for turf or diamond) or baseball cleats (diamond only) and their baseball glove. An athletic cup is required for age 8 and older.

Players may bring their own baseball bat but must share it with their teammates. Players may bring their own batting helmet and do not need to share it.


Due to limited space in our program, and to try to assure fairness, we do not accept players that are currently on Rep or Select teams in Leaside or elsewhere in Toronto.  Players that have previously played Rep or Select baseball are accepted.


If your child would like to play with a friend, please indicate their name in the Friend Request box during registration. Each friend request must be mutual (i.e. the friend must also request your child). We will only guarantee to honour one mutual friend request. This is to allow us the best opportunity to balance teams fairly.


We are always looking for enthusiastic and engaged parents and older siblings to serve as coaches and/or volunteers. If you are interested please indicate so on your registration form. Team coaches shall receive discounted registration in the Leaside Baseball development programming the 2019 season. Coaches will be on the same team as their child.

Coaches are principally responsible for managing the team equipment bag, coordinating lineups, player positions and snack schedules. Coaches will be provided access to TeamSnap to communicate with families.


The registration fee covers uniforms, team and game equipment, umpire and facilitator costs, insurance, permit and administrative expenses as well as contributes to the Leaside Baseball financial assistance and capital improvement programs.


The teams and schedules are released 2 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the season.  The season starts in the first week of May until the last week of June.


The LBA reserves the right to grant exceptions to the policy stated below.

In the event you need to cancel the player’s registration, a refund or credit may be available. The Leaside Baseball Association reserves the right to grant exceptions to the policy stated below.

If written cancellation notice is made by March 15th, a refund is available. Eligible refunds will be issued in the format the registration fee was paid and are subject to a $25 administrative fee (per session/per player) deducted from the total allowable refund. Refunds may take 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

If the written cancellation notice is made by April 15th, a credit is available. Credits are valid for one calendar year and may only be applied to Leaside Baseball house leagues, camps or clinics.

If the written cancellation notice is made on or after April 15th, neither a refund or credit are available.

Credit Information
Credits are valid for one calendar year and may only be applied to LBA house leagues, camps or clinics.


If you have any questions please contact leasideleafsbaseball@gmail.com.