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Elite Baseball

The Leaside Elite baseball program provides top-tier instruction, development and exposure to assist athletes in their pursuit of college or university baseball.

Yer Out

The Leaside Leafs Elite program has successful teams at the 15U through to 18U age levels, including the 2018 18U City Champions.   The program is designed to support top-tier athletes that may have college, university, multi-sport and/or high academic aspirations in a successful and welcoming team environment.



18U Elite | 2001 birth year | 18U

  • Head Coach: Peter Nash | (905) 706-0802 | peter.nash@mail.utoronto.ca

17U Elite | 2002 birth year | 17U

  • Head Coach: Todd Betts | (416) 347-3669 | tbetts26@hotmail.com

16U Elite | 2003 birth year | 16U

  • Head Coach: Eric Stickney | (647) 338-3596

15U Elite | 2004 birth year | 15U

  • Head Coach: Luke Bellus | (416) 996-7183 | luke_bellus@hotmail.com
Elite Pitching

Interested in 16U Elite Ball? We have an Opening!

By leasidebaseball | November 27, 2018

The Leaside Leafs 16U Elite team is seeking one more player to round out our 2019 roster. If you are interested please send an email to leasideleafsbaseball@gmail.com and we will be in touch!

Come and cheer our boys of summer, the U18 Leaside Leafs

By leasidebaseball | July 1, 2018

From Leaside Life July 1, 2018. I LOVE live sporting events. Whether it’s watching my kids, amateurs, or professionals playing a myriad of sports, the thrill of the game rarely fails to entertain. But live sports can sometimes be costly. Want to bring the family to a Blue Jays game? By the time you factor…


Q: What is Elite baseball?

A: Elite baseball is the top level of baseball competition and commitment facilitated by Baseball Ontario between the ages of 15U and 18U.  The Elite Baseball League of Ontario (EBLO) runs a 20+ game regular season for teams from across the GTA and beyond (Sudbury, Peterborough, Ottawa, Kitchener, etc).  It features an annual showcase tournament in May, and teams travel to the U.S. for 2+ showcase tournaments each year. For more information, see the EBLO's website, Elite info page, and powerpoint on Elite Baseball in Ontario and moving to collegiate baseball.


Q: What is the difference between Rep and Elite baseball?

A: Elite baseball features more professional training to assist players in the pursuit of baseball in higher education and post-midget levels.  For example, sport nutrition for youth athletes is highly emphasized through guest lectures and resources. Academic workshops are led by StudySpot to enhance academic success of these soon-to-be student-athletes.  Diligently training through a collegiate-based strength training program is expected from all elite players.  In sum, the Elite program is designed to support serious players in their preparation for collegiate baseball.


Q: What is the difference between Leaside’s Elite program and the CPBL or PBLO?

A: The most prominent difference is cost; EBLO player fees generally do not exceed $4000. In addition, CPBL/PBLO teams travel the U.S. more than most EBLO teams, who require a minimum of two U.S. tournaments per year.


Q: What is the official season for Elite baseball?

A: Elite tryouts happen in mid-August. Teams have fall ball schedules consisting of a handful of games against EBLO and university opponents, along with weekly practices to prepare for at least one tournament.  Summer schedules consist of 18-24 regular season games against EBLO opponents, the EBLO Showcase tournament (May), 2 U.S. Showcase tournaments, Elims or OBAs, TBAs, and 1 to 2 more Ontario tournaments.  Teams have a weekly slot at Talbot Park in Leaside and periodic extra slots on weekends.


 Q: Where will we play in the summer?

A: Howard Talbot Park (West diamond) is the home of the Leaside Leafs Elite program. Away games take place across the GTA and beyond. For a list of teams in divisions of the current year, see the EBLO divisions on their website.


Q: What is the commitment required for Elite baseball in the winter?

A: The Elite off-season program will have two training divisions: 14U/15U (Bantam) and 16U/17U/18U (Midget). The Bantam division will have four (4)  sessions a week, while the Midget division will have six (6) sessions a week from November to April. This will include sessions at Baseball Development Group (BDG) (31 Progress Ave, Unit 17), Blyth Academy - Downsview Park (75 Carl Hall Rd, Unit 7) and at a Dome facility, the Toronto City Sports Centre (32 Curity Ave).

It is recommended that players attend 3 sessions a week, but are welcome to go to extra sessions. Since a main emphasis of our program is academic success, it is expected that players prioritize their school first while balancing family time and non-baseball athletic commitments. We encourage participation in other sports as it provides cross-training benefits and mitigates mental and physical burn-out. However, players need to collaborate with the Elite coaches on their workout plans to ensure their optimal baseball development is maintained.


Q: Is there any break from baseball during the summer? What if we want to go on vacation, to the cottage or away to camp?

A: Elite teams have very dense summer schedules. However, team managers will work to get some weekends off, especially holiday weekends. Families should communicate with team managers about what dates of the summer are best for any larger amount of absences. It is expected that families do not book travel that conflicts with July, as most big tournaments are in July with playoff tournaments in early August.


Q: What are team fees?

A: Team fees are set at a higher amount to ensure budgets do not run deficits. Greater contingencies will come from increased sponsorship and fundraising which will be specific to individual teams and their families.

Elite team fee range: $2,150 to $3,200

These fees do not include the cost of player’s individual equipment (e.g. baseball glove, cleats), player uniforms and cost of travel.


Q: How many players are on a team?

A: Rosters generally range from 15 to 18 players depending on many factors.


Q: What if I played for an Elite, Rep or Select team in a different association last year?

A: The EBLO has an open release policy, making geography a non-factor in eligibility.


Q: Is there a March Break trip offered?

A: There is a trip planned for March Break 2019.  Information will be distributed to rostered players and will be planned based on the interest levels from participants.


Q: Are there any job opportunities that Elite players are eligible for?

A: Leaside Elite players are usually great candidates to serve as guest instructors or assistant coaches on younger Leaside Rep and Select teams, earning money in the local area performing a job that they have developed sound pre-requisite skills for. Many players currently work our Leaside Baseball Camp (daytimes July - August), Winter Clinic programming (Friday and Sunday nights in the off-season), and other periodic development clinics. Other opportunities include: umpiring, field crew, website/social media assistants, and administrative assistants.


Q: Are there any sources of financial assistance?

A: The LBA has financial bursaries available by application. Please inquire with the LBA for more information.

In addition, the Elite program currently awards a scholarship to one graduating player on behalf of the Leaside Leafs Senior Team.


Q: Is there baseball beyond the Elite program in Leaside?

A: The LBA facilitates a strong Junior team (21U) out of Talbot Park. Many graduates of our Elite program continue playing competitive baseball with the Junior program.